I've dreaded making this Video, not because I don't like the style, but I remember last time I went searching for NEIPA recipes that had won medals, there just were not any.  I had to end up using the meanbrews technique using recipes from magazine articles, internet posts saying, "I liked this beer".  The results?  Well I made a NEIPA I loved and ended up scoring 42 at the Dixie cup that year.  


I also just don't brew the style that often. Why?  Well 2 reasons. firstly I just drink too much of it because I love the style and second, I drink too much of it too fast because of how quickly this beer fades into mediocre.  Its just so easy nowadays to pickup a can of a local brewery's NEIPA to quench my hop thirst that I don't really think its worth the effort.


Anyways, loads more people have won with NEIPAS and shared their recipes.  Heres the results.  Enjoy


NEIPA youtube video



Youtube Witbier Video

Be on the lookout for a new video covering Italian Grape Ale in collaboration with the youtube channle Doin the Most!  Check out how they made theirs on this video

Mine had a base of a Vienna Lager and used Concord grape juice boiled with the wort in the kettle.  The taste? well you'll just have to find out in the next video?  Sure makes a pretty beer though!